Nanotechnology, shortly called as Nanotech, is the newer dimension in which the science has started perceiving things. Nanotech is popularly called as the science in its applied form. Nanotech is basically the technology involved in the designing and manufacturing of engineering and functional systems at the sub-atomic or sub-molecular level.

Within no time since its evolution, nanotech has quickly gained a lot of prominence in all the fields of science. Nanotech is currently the most acclaimed form of technology that the world is advancing through. Nanotech is the technology that is much smaller than the ‘Micro technology’. It has gained an edge over the micro technology by measuring and analyzing the things at the nano-th level.

The advancements that nanotech has initiated in almost all the field of science, engineering and technology is far beyond the advancements that any other field has made in the same. Nanotech is currently responsible for the enormous massive changes in the human lifestyle. It is also responsible for the tremendous advances that took place in the fields of science, engineering and technology. What were thought to be impossible was made possible with the introduction of Nanotech.

There is not even a single area where Nanotech can’t be applied. Nanotech has found its application in all the major fields of science and not to mention, the minor fields as well. Nanotech employs a state of the art technology in the fields of mathematics, science, chemistry, engineering, computer science, biology, physics—whatever field you name, you can see the tremendous applications of nanotech in those fields.


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